Hi! I'm Dr. Monica Gilbert

Hi! I'm Monica Gilbert

I am a BCBA-D (Board Certified Behavior Analyst), LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) and a Licensed Psychologist in the state of Florida.

My aim in providing you with these trainings is to bridge the gap between behavior analytical and clinical mental health tools. I firmly believe after more than 10 years practicing in both fields that their are tools from both of each disciplines that can help any clinician become a more successful change agent in their clients (and client families) lives.

have used Motivational Interviewing skills in my two private practices and launched a new private practice (aka The.MI.Doctor) that is solely focused on bringing you these trainings.

How did it start?

When I was completing a practicum site in my doctoral studies I was introduced to a very difficult population and my supervisor at the time was very passionate about Motivational Interviewing.

I had my behavior analytical glasses on and of course I was very skeptical. However in learning about motivational interviewing I was able to Appreciate how this is not a therapy technique but more of a communication technique.

Not only was this technique very effective in preventing relapse with the population I worked with but it also alleviated a lot of the burden of responsibility of change that often times reside in us as therapists.

I then decided to use Motivational Interviewing in my private practice, by introducing it to other clinicians and using it in the parent training cases that I was a part of.

How did it start?
My Goal...

“Truly understanding our clients is a skill we sometimes take for granted, but that can make all the difference”

My Goal...

Disseminate the effective strategies in Motivational Interviewing to help clinicians work more effectively with parents, caregivers, teachers, and even the supervisees that work under them. I didn’t think it was fair for me to keep this to myself when I knew how effective and how life-changing it can be in our field.

Therefore I’m bringing you these series of Motivational Interviewing (MI) on-line training to help change the way we communicate with others.

Stop Talking and Start Communicating

Learn the concepts of Motivational Interviewing with an introduction of the transtheoretical model of behavior change. This book will provides you with techniques to shape your communication approach and foster a working alliance with parents, teachers and other professionals working in the field of behavior analysis.

From the first chapter to the last, provides interactive "real world" exercises as well as a "MI toolbox" to equip clinicians with communication strategies to help them resolve parental ambivalence and facilitate parental engagement in treatment.

Stop Talking and Start Communicating